DEMAG DH wire rope hoists 

Load Capacity up to 100 Ton


DH - Years of technical experience are built into the DH hoist unit.  It's state-of-the-art technology, as shown by the large number of patents, sets new standards.  The rectangular shape of the hoist unit allows easy mounting. Rope lead-off in virtually any direction suits all applications.  Demag DH hoist units are more than just hoists  they are key elements in lifting stations, towing winches and many other applications.


EKDH -  Monorail or single girder, close headroom hoist / trolley.  Designed to maximize the lift for the available headroom.  This is our standard trolley configuration on all our single girder cranes.  Infinitely variable trolley flange adjustment and spheroidal graphite cast-iron travel wheels.  Electric drives with hollow-shaft gearboxes and Demag brake motors are virtually maintenance-free.


EUDH -  A low-priced solution for monorails and single-girder cranes. The trolleys allow infinitely variable adjustment to suit all flange widths on conventional rolled beam girders.  The EUDH is particularly suited for high lift applications where the upper hook position is not critical.  Monorail applications are the most common uses.

EZDH - Double girder low headroom hoist / trolley.  The hoist drum is perpendicular to the trolley travel.

EZLDH - Double girder low headroom hoist / trolley.  The hoist drum is parallel to the trolley travel.  

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