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Suspension Cranes, Monorails & Jib Cranes

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The KBK classic crane construction kit from Demag Cranes & Components has a successful track record going back many years. Installations built with these components can be found in facilities and workshops of almost any type and every size. Characteristic for the KBK classic crane construction kit are the many possibilities for handling loads quickly, safely and efficiently above the working and production level without having to use any of the available floor space for crane runway supports or travel paths. In addition, you can arrange all workplaces for maximum productivity.

Single girder, double . . .  Extending cranes (shown)

Crane girder with intermediate girder that can be extended by up to 2,5 m to one or both sides. Optimum design for serving areas added at a later date or for clearance under ventilation pipes, radiant heaters, cables and similar items, or areas otherwise inaccessible due to columns or supports.



Suspension monorails

For linear handling and providing a direct link between pick-up and deposit points in reversing operation or a closed circuit. Many designs from simple, manually operated straight sections to complex, semi or fully automated circuits; flexible routing using straight and curved track sections, track switches and turntables.


Pillar-mounted jib cranes
Pillar-mounted jib cranes with a slewing angle of n x 360 can be installed almost anywhere. They are completely free standing and are ideal as workplace cranes as well as for outdoor storage areas, for loading ramps and for workshops in which other handling equipment cannot be used for structural reasons.

Wall-mounted jib cranes
Wall-mounted jib cranes require no floor space as they are mounted on load-bearing concrete walls or pillars or machinery and installations.


Stacker cranes

Stacker cranes from the KBK classic crane construction kit consist mainly of a KBK classic double-girder suspension crane and a special stacker trolley. They are used wherever unit loads, containers or pallets weighing up to 500 kg have to be transported, sorted and stored. They make it possible to complete all tasks in one work cycle without the need for ladders, order picking trolleys or similar equipment.
The lifting carriage can be fitted with forks, prongs, gripper tongs or other load handling attachments in accordance with the specific load handling requirements. The mast with its trolley is easily moved by hand and can rotate through 360.


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