DEMAG Jib cranes  

Pillar and wall-mounted jibs are typically needed to service specific work areas.  Jib cranes help to cut setting up and idle times and reduce unnecessary waiting for an overhead crane. With a wide range of sizes and designs, these cranes can be adapted to provide the optimum solution for the most varied requirements in terms of load capacity, swing range, outreach and features - even including cranes with two jibs.  Wall traveling jibs cranes with underhung or toprunning hoist trolleys are also available.

The main characteristic of all designs is the low jib deadweight and correspondingly large outreach and high load capacity.

Our jib cranes are normally supplied complete with the electrical equipment and hoist including trolley, however, the jib may be ordered without these components, if required. Further optional accessories include shaft extension, anchor bolts, template and pedestal for extending the pillar.

Standard capacity range to 1/4 - 20 ton, spans to 40 foot.
Beam or welded box girder construction.
Manual traverse to full 360 deg. motorized rotation.
Complete technical support for installation requirements.

Applications for automated cranes, extremely high cycle times, or other special requirements, refer to our Process Crane page.

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